Resources for creators using free, libre and open-source software


What is the FLOSS-creation project?

FLOSS-creation was created by Christoffer B. TallerĂ¥s as a reasource for other creators using free, libre and open-source software and to give back to the community that has given him so much. As a resource FLOSS-creation aims to empower creators with FLOSS as well as giving information about how to use the software in the best way and help you grow as a creator

What is FLOSS?

FLOSS stands for Free, Libre and open-source software. Free as in free of cost, Libre as in freedom to use, copy, alter and share software and finally Open-source as in the source code being accessible to anyone. You can read more about it here.

Why does this website look like this?

The FLOSS-creation project was made with a direct influence from Chris Were's Neocities website made as a resource for FLOSS tools and software as well as RSS links for the content he creates. The style of his and this page follows a philosophy of minimalism with regards to cost effectiveness and practical design as contemporary websites often suffer from overly fancy, bloated and over-engineered features that provide little benefit to the end-user.

Contributions to the stylization and code of the site is highly appreaciated.

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